Our Mission

Welcome To Thriving Cats!

Do you live with a cat, manage a feline gang, or want to welcome a new fluffy roommate into your life for the first time? Ideally, you want to create the perfect environment for your cat, while also keeping your home peaceful and clean.

But you’ve been facing some challenges.

Your new cat’s move-in date is fast approaching and you’re unsure how to start preparing. Or maybe a scruffy stray just turned up on your doorstep. And you have questions.

Will you be able to provide everything they need? Does your small patio count as a sufficient outdoor space?

Maybe your cat gets bored at home alone, and you can’t count the times you returned home to a bomb explosion. Or your cats don’t get on and you have to deal with frequent clashes.

How you approach each scenario can make or break your relationship.

You know this, but you aren’t sure where to start.

And that’s exactly why we’re here.

Our story

My name is Martina and I’ve been outnumbered by cats my entire life. I’ve lived with both urban and country cats and learned more about cat logic I ever anticipated possible.

When I was a child, we always had at least 8 – 12 cats living in the gardens of our family home. These days, my mum’s country house is a little emptier, but still with plenty of cats around, thinking they rule it.

My own multi-species London family consists of 2 humans and 4 rescued urban cats, each with their unique history, and challenges.

Dealing with feline moods, survival instincts, and eccentric ways, has always been on our daily agenda. We’ve had fights, threatening injuries, and illnesses. We’ve shared recoveries and special bonds. We have assisted births, helped nurture fragile babies, and watched many feline family units blossom.

Here at Thriving Cats, we’re sharing about everything we have learned. And some of it might surprise you!

Max the 3-legged cat: From sad and alone…


Our Mission

The idea started when I visited a non-profit animal shelter for the first time.

I couldn’t believe what I saw.

In the UK alone, an estimated 9 million cats are homeless or live in shelters.

The numbers aren’t real until you see a piece of the true scale with your own eyes. And these animals need us to give them a chance.

Since that visit, I’ve met countless people who’d love to rescue a cat but are afraid to do it. They think they don’t have what it takes to meet the cat’s needs. They’re scared to look after a cat with a difficult past and the challenges that come with it. In fact, they think all shelter cats are difficult.

At Thriving Cats we want to help break down these barriers.

We challenge misconceptions, share stories, and offer proven tips and tricks, to show cat lovers all around the world how straightforward cat care can be.

We want to open the door for shelter cats whose entire world had shrunk to an enclosure. We want to highlight the amazing rescue work of people working in shelters, who race around the clock to manage entire stray colonies in unsafe urban areas.

And we want you to enjoy the amazing perks of sharing your life with a happy animal.

Cats are easygoing by nature. They can be incredibly well-behaved angels. All they need is some understanding.

They need a home that accepts their strong instincts, stimulates their natural curiosity, and meets their basic needs.

Our main job as humans is to understand WHY cats do things and learn to communicate in ways that make sense to them.

That’s all there is to it.

Encouragingly, cats learn to read us like open books, fast.

They love living their lives alongside us. They only need us to give them a chance.

… to happy and cuddly!


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Understanding cat logic can take time.

But the good news is, you can prevent most disasters right from the start. Save yourself the hustle of figuring things out the hard way!

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