Meet Us

The London gang:


Our friend found little Isaac and rescued him from the street weak and hungry, with an infected eye (hence his name – ‘Eye-saac’ 🙂 ) It took a few months of treatment, but he’s now a happy and healthy chap! Find his rescue story here.

He remains the smallest, but doesn’t let that hold him back – he’s the family acrobat, loves his sky-high shelves and wants to play fetch all day long. Also, Isaac is our logo cat!


Rascal has the biggest heart ever. He is everyone’s favorite brother and everyone’s best friend. He always makes our human friends feel most welcome!

Rascal was the last one from his litter to find a home – but he was the first to join our little London family. He sure does live up to his name. He is the cheekiest and nosiest of them all, and as a result, he finds himself accidentally stuck in cupboards and drawers quite a lot!

Teddy Bear

Teddy is the grandad cat. Formerly a street tomcat, he spent most of his life fetching for himself until he got older and sick. He was then taken in by the Celia Hammond Animal Trust shelter, and their amazing team perked him back up, but some of his health problems remain permanent.

At first, he didn’t trust humans and spent endless months on the shelter adoption list, as people overlooked him. Finally, he found his forever home with us! Given his history, he has every right to be irritable sometimes. Mostly though, he loves family time and purrs his evenings away chilling on the sofa, asking us for chin scratches. Find Teddy’s full rescue story here.


Max used to live with a colony of cats in an abandoned car park. Although they were watched and fed by locals, the environment proved to be dangerous. When Celia Hammond Animal Trust was called, they found Max with a severely damaged back leg. His injury was so serious, the vets had no choice but to remove his entire leg.

Max recovered well in the shelter, but he was quite depressed – after all, he lost his leg and all his feline friends in one day. When he first moved in with us, it took him 3 days to come out of his cat-carrier! 1,5 years later, although he’ll always remain shy, he’s now the most grateful, loving, and cuddly cat we’ve ever met.


Martina takes all of our pictures and writes most of our stories. However, every story on this blog is very much a team effort – if it doesn’t have everyone’s approval, we won’t post it!

Martina’s lived with cats her entire life. She created this blog to make things that little bit easier for cat-carers and cat lovers, and to show that rescued cats and shelter cats can become amazing companions, too! Find the full story here. 

Our cousins in the country:


It’s definitely true – black cats rule. All the neighbouring cats know not to mess with Mike. He calls the shots! He patrols the gardens of his country house daily and if you don’t follow his rules, he’ll chase you out!

He’s the only long-haired cat in our gang and gives us giggles because his long hair makes him look like he’s wearing horse-riding pants.


Baby is one of those cats who will always remain a baby, no matter how old!

He was born in a barn and is quite skittish and shy with strangers, but becomes the sweetest little friend once he gets to know you. He loves climbing the pear tree at 6am and then waking us up to tell us all about it. When he isn’t running around the gardens with his best mate from next door, you’ll find him fast asleep under the bed covers in the master bedroom.


Mia found us. Just a teeny tiny kitten, she was first spotted sleeping with our neighbour’s hens in their shed. Then one morning she wandered over to our garden, found our mum there digging out some carrots, and decided to stay. She had a broken tail and smelled like the chicken shed. To this day we have no idea where she came from. 

Her true cheeky personality soon unfolded – she plays like crazy, swings on curtains, growls like a dog, and head-bumps everyone all day long.



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