Top 15 Popular Cat Blogs That Genuinely Help Cats

Black cats rock the world!

What can possibly be better than cute cat blogs?

Cute cat blogs that help cats.

With cat videos forever basking near the top of the viral content pyramid, we surely like to be entertained by these amazing creatures to no end.

But true cat lovers care about more than just entertainment. We want to see every single cat in the world looked after and happy. We want a world where no animals are left hungry and alone, or shivering in the pouring rain.

As per the latest estimate, 10 million cats live abandoned or stray in the UK alone. In the US, their numbers are said to touch close to 60 million.

Luckily, many popular cat blogs care enough to walk not just one, but ten extra miles. The people running these blogs are wholeheartedly dedicated to using their influence to help. And they make a positive difference to thousands of lives every year, each in their own unique way.

So you can get your daily dose of cuteness, find all the cat advice you need, and know you’re helping too. When you support these blogs, you’re driving traffic directly towards the help countless precious animals need. Right now.

Cole & Marmalade – Celebrity Ambassadors for Rescued Cats Everywhere 
©Cole and Marmalade

Cole & Marmalade are a dynamic duo of online cat celebrities, who advocate for helping cats in trouble everywhere. They own two amazing humans, Chris and Jess, who work extremely hard to keep the message loud and clear.

Chris spent 7 years working with Big Cat Rescue, so he’s no stranger to rescuing lions and tigers (something Cole and Marmalade are especially proud of). He’s worked with many other rescues and shelters over the years. And he loves getting involved in direct action on top of raising awareness online.

Marmalade is FIV positive (just like our Teddy Bear) and a cancer survivor, too. He likes to break down the many misconceptions about FIV positive cats. Marmalade proves that FIV positive cats can live happy lives, be adventurous and strong, too.

Cole is a handsomely sophisticated black cat. He can’t believe other black cats are overlooked in shelters and often the last to be adopted, if at all! So, he takes every opportunity to show the world just how fantastic black cats really are.

Cole and Marmalade have recently welcomed two new beautiful tortie sisters Jugg and Zig Zag to their family. And while that means twice as much cat awesomeness for us, it’s a load of additional cat servant duties for Chris and Jess.

Luckily, Cole and Marm are the coolest of employers. They regularly provide exceptional benefits like free hairstyling services, office support, and therapy sessions to keep everyone in top-notch shape.

Jackson Galaxy – The Legendary Cat Behavior And Wellness Expert 
©Jackson Galaxy

America’s most famous Cat Daddy, Jackson Galaxy, first started helping cats as a shelter worker. There he gained 10 years of first-hand experience working with rescued and challenged cats. And sharing his vast knowledge with the rest of the planet in a hit TV show My Cat From Hell quickly proved a brilliant idea. A musician by night, Jackson and his guitar case filled with treats and cat toys became famous instantly.

Through his endearing philosophy and mantra, ‘I’m not a bad cat, I’m just misunderstood’, his efforts to teach people how to get on with their misbehaving cats were an enormous success. Jackson has shown us that all cat behavior problems have a detectable underlying reason. And that we can resolve most issues just by making the effort to understand the cat’s point of view. We can work with their instincts, offer thoughtful environment enhancements, and fun bonding exercises. And they always appreciate it.

Ever since his TV success, Jackson has been spreading cat care advice and love for shelter cats on his Jackson Galaxy blog and YouTube channel. He’s launched The Jackson Galaxy Project, focusing on helping shelters and rescue workers. This includes education for volunteers and raising awareness about rescue and shelter animals.

All in all, this rocker turned cat expert has helped so many animals and saved so many cat-human households from crumbling down, that literally every cat in the universe now knows who Jackson Galaxy is.

I Heart Cats – The Blog That Fills Cat Bowls With Food
©I Heart Cats

I Heart Cats is a popular blog and online shop in one, with an impressive network of 1.2 million fans. The blog is packed full of cat care tips, training tips, information about cat breeds, and heartwarming rescue stories and videos. But here’s the best part – profits from their huge online range of cat-approved products go directly to help animals in need.

I Heart Cats are working in partnership with Rescue Bank, and every purchase helps provide food to shelters across the entire United States through the Feeding Shelter Cats Program. Rescue Bank primarily supports food deliveries to smaller, less visible shelters and non-profits that have a much harder time accessing resources.

According to the I Heart Cats impact table, you can feed up to 30 shelter cats by purchasing just one of their hoodies. This is not just a win-win situation, it’s a win-win times thirty for sure!

They regularly update the I Heart Cats blog with thank-you success stories that won’t leave a dry eye in the room. You get to know the cats whose lives you’ve helped to save and follow their progress in life close and personal.

Simon’s Cat – Mischievous Cartoon Cat With a Cause
©Simon’s Cat

Simon’s Cat has a funny story for every cat lover. Simon’s everyday adventures with his cat have been entertaining an ever-growing fanbase of over 5 million cat people. And they will make you fall off your chair laughing (or occasionally crying), too. You might also find that Simon’s Cat’s mischievous ways are a mirror image of what your own cat does.

Created by Simon Tofield, a British cartoonist, every story is based on real life. Impressively, Simon creates his short films using the traditional hand-animating method and draws each scene frame-by-frame. It usually takes between 12 – 25 drawings to make just 1 second of moving footage!

On top of providing his community of cat lovers with endless laughs, Simon has also used his incredible skills to create a series of short films in collaboration with Cats Protection, to bring attention to important challenges and issues. Together, they highlight the fact that black and tuxedo cats are always the last adopted, and promote Black Cat Awareness. They also talk about what to do when your cat goes missing, or how to properly look after small kittens.

And to everyone’s further delight, a recent new short film called The Origins reveals that Simon’s Cat is a shelter cat, too! One thing is for sure – he couldn’t make a more entertaining advocate for rescue cats if he tried.

The Conscious Cat – Healing And Stress Reduction For All Pets
©The Conscious Cat

A former veterinary hospital manager, the incredible Ingrid King from The Conscious Cat takes helping cats and their people to quite another level. As a certified traditional Reiki Master Practitioner, she offers healing Reiki sessions to both humans and their animals.

Cats are all about keeping their energies perfectly balanced. When something feels off, they make sure you know. And according to Ingrid, cats respond to Reiki so well, they might as well have invented the practice for themselves.

Reiki can benefit animals and their guardians in many ways. Apart from improved well-being and less stress, this practice can help heal animals after surgery or illness. It can strengthen the immune system in animals who are going through cancer therapy, and relieve stress and fear in terminally ill animals.

But it’s also incredibly useful when you need to resolve behavior issues in healthy pets, increase their trust, or strengthen your bond. You just take the session together as a pair.

Here’s to all well-centered, calm, and conscious cats!

The Purrington Post – The Champion For Special (Needs) Cats
©The Purrington Post

Cats with special needs deserve the spotlight too! And The Purrington Post is their fantastic advocate. Not only does this blog feature many heartwarming rescue stories, but it also focuses on cats whose awesomeness might be underestimated otherwise. And they simply cannot allow that to happen.

Cats like Monty The Magnificent, Peanut The One-Eyed Cutie, or Stevie The Blind Cat who loves to hike, are all enjoying the spotlight of The Purrington Post front pages immensely. And they show that disabilities, illnesses, or abnormalities shouldn’t stop anyone from living it up with an awesome human. Otitis The Earless Cat is even part of The Purrington Post official editorial team.

Disadvantaged and special needs cats usually have the most difficult time finding a forever home. Yet, with some personally tailored thoughtful care, they make the most perfect pets! Our own Max The Three-Legged Cat definitely agrees.

The Cat Site – World’s Largest Cat Care Knowledge Depository

The Cat Site easily has the most information about cats in one place on the entire internet. It’s basically Quora for cat lovers! Their hugely popular Q&A forum has nearly 400,000 unique threads where people share experiences and tips, and help each other with just about any cat-related topic you can think of.

From pregnant cat and kitten care, cat behavior, first aid, health, and nutrition, to looking after stray and feral cats, the forum is currently helping over 146,000 active members. With an extremely quick turnaround (you can get your cat problems answered almost immediately by other cat owners who have been through the same), The Cat Site is an irreplaceable resource of experience-based cat advice.

The Cat Site also publishes its own in-depth advice articles. Their advice is always clear and actionable, including crucial topics that are generally not covered enough, such as helping to heal abused cats, cat addiction to treats, or what to expect as your cat ages. Whenever you need quick and reliable tips or just some assurance that you’re not the only person whose cat does strange things, The Cat Site is the perfect place to start. It’s currently one of the most complex cat welfare information resources out there.

Kitten Lady – The Hero For The Tiniest Fighters

As Hannah Shaw, the adorable Kitten Lady puts it, the tiniest felines need heroes too. Hannah’s Kitten Lady project is part of her lifelong dedication to protecting animals. She provides education, training resources, and workshops to help people and animal shelters learn how to rescue the most vulnerable of felines – orphan kittens.

As a founder of the non-profit Orphan Kitten Club, Kitten Lady runs many innovative lifesaving programs including a neonatal kitten nursery. She’s also the mastermind behind the world’s very first grant program, funding innovation in kitten welfare. 

With a cat-loving community of more than 1.3 million subscribers, and featuring more than 200 irresistibly charming videos, the viral Kitten Lady YouTube channel is a bottomless source of practical guides and heart-melting aww moments in equal measure. You’ll find free advice, kitten care guides, and even full-length webinars that help cat lovers around the world provide first-class care to orphaned kittens in need.

As the Kitten Lady’s tireless work proves time and again, it’s the most fragile and vulnerable creatures who often are the strongest fighters of all.

Love Meow Rescue – Inspiring Real-Life Stories

With 4.1 Million Facebook fans and growing, the Love Meow blog is one of the largest and furthest-reaching cat care influencers. And Amy and Eric Bojo, the founders and editors, are doing a fantastic job bringing the attention of their huge following towards the less fortunate cats and kittens.

Love Meow Rescue is a special page on the Love Meow blog, dedicated only to rescue and foster success stories. They supply a neverending stream of touching real-life experiences with rescues. Whether it’s rescued kittens who never leave their new human’s side, cat moms taking orphaned kittens as their own, or humans helping large families of stray black cats survive, you keep scrolling, and there’s always more.

Surprising, affectionate, and warm real-life rescue stories are a crucial part of strengthening the universal animal-human bond. People get to watch how rewarding the experience truly is. And seeing the positive example in others is extremely likely to make many more people consider visiting their local shelter, adopting, or together looking after stray cats in their own neighborhood.

Cat Wisdom 101 – 10 Years Of Holistic Cat Care

Layla Morgan Wilde from Cat Wisdom 101 has been a passionate cat advocate since childhood. Focusing heavily on black cat awareness and less adoptable shelter cats, Cat Wisdom 101 is all about education. Through a holistic understanding of cat instincts and behaviors, it gives the inspiration to consider the overlooked shy cats hiding in the corner.

Layla is a passionate advocate for adopting senior, black, and less-adoptable cats. She runs a non-profit cat rescue behind the scenes, volunteers her expertise in various shelters, and is an author of Black Cats Tell All, a book that portraits black cats as the elegant, loving, and perfectly adoptable animals they truly are.

Lola The Rescued Cat – A Dumpster Cat Turned Campaigner

Lola The Rescued Cat has been lucky that someone heard her tiny meows and scooped her out of a garbage dumpster in Harlem, New York. She then had to battle a nasty upper respiratory infection before she could finally move into her forever home with Dawn (her human) and Lexy (her best cat-friend).

Today, all three ladies are passionate advocates for rescue and animal welfare. Their mission is to raise a voice for all the struggling street cats. In a collaboration with Cuddly and My Unspoken Pet project, Lola The Rescued Cat appeals for help to stray and shelter cats everywhere, by sharing her own heartbreaking rescue story. It turns out she didn’t fall in the thrash dumpster by accident at all!

Lola and Lexy also offer their best experience-based cat care tips through the Lola And Lexy’s Top Five series. And, did you know you can still help shelter cats even if you cannot adopt one right now? Here, Lola and Lexy share Seven Ways to Help a Shelter Cat Without Adopting.

Today, Lola’s grown into a lovely, healthy, and beautiful cat. On her journey to finding a loving home she found out most humans in this world are in fact caring, with gentle hearts. And that they would never allow anything horrible to happen to her ever again. She is safe.

Three Chatty Cats – From Foster Cats To Forever Cats

At Three Chatty Cats, Rachel and her three cats Dexter, Oliver, and Sophie, have now officially become five since they first started blogging. The newest additions to their cat family are Woodrow and Harley. These two are former foster cats who simply charmed their way to staying forever. And together they share their fostering experience. They also collaborate with Jackson Galaxy on The Jackson Galaxy Project and the Cat Pawsitive Pro initiative.

And the Three Chatty Cats are right – the world needs to know more about fostering. Cats are highly sensitive to change, and many rescued cats struggle to feel safe in unknown territories or non-domestic environments. Their adoption potential can increase enormously in temporary foster homes where they get more of the individually tailored attention they need to thrive again.

Through initiatives like #FosterFriday and Blog The Change For Animals, Rachel talks about her experience with fostering and the challenges and rewards it brings. But beware of foster fails! Many cats never actually leave their foster homes because the humans fall in love with them helplessly. 

Flatbush Cats – New VIP Lives For Homeless Urban Cats 

In New York alone, over 500,000 cats live on the streets. While Flatbush Cats focus their efforts on monitoring and helping feral and stray cats locally in Brooklyn, they want to encourage other volunteer groups all over the world to do the same. Flatbush Cats highlight the importance of Trap Neuter Return in urban areas, where the stray cat population is rapidly growing. They provide access to resources such as instructional videos, TNR classes, online workshops, equipment, and education to help others start getting involved locally too.

On the Flatbush Cats YouTube channel, they share awesome glimpses of how life-changing our help is to cats who are lost and struggling to survive in the concrete jungle. Every street cat, just like Teddy or Julius, deserves the same chance to live a safe, stress-free, VIP life.

Tiny Kittens – Feral Cats Need Love Too

Tiny Kittens is a rescue kitten TV and educational blog focusing on feral cats rescue and sharing everything they’ve learned along the way. Through many heartwarming life stories of ‘outside of the box’ cats like Miracle Kitten Cassidy or Grandpa Mason, they show us feral cats have so much will to live and so much love to give too.

According to Tiny Kittens, an effective way to address the global cat overpopulation is to create a better emotional connection between feral cats and the public. Greater public understanding of feral cats and their habits means more new volunteers, adoptions, and donors. This in turn takes some weight away from the rescuers’ shoulders, who are struggling to keep up with the constantly high number of animals needing help.

Tiny Kittens also share complex case studies. These in-depth studies include fostering pregnant feral cats, caring for sick and injured feral cats, and many other experiences with the approx. 755 cats who live in their monitored feral cat colonies.

And, Tiny Kittens even make the extra effort to livestream the cats and kittens in their care, whether they’re recovering, or just enjoying their first weeks of life. According to the Tiny Kittens impact analysis, every kitten born during a livestream triggers 99 adoptions around the world!

Way Of Cats – Cat Personality Types Help Decode Any Behavior

Run by cat rescue enthusiast and behavior expert Pamela Meritt, Way of Cats is one of the most long-term established cat blogs in this niche. During Pamela’s lifelong dedication to helping cat people actually understand cats, she came up with many innovative ways to increase the number of harmonious cat-human shared homes.

Even already experienced cat guardians learn a lot from Pam. She knows many special tricks like the art of Catspeak, the Law of Reciprocity, and Multiple Cat Advantage. On top of that, her absolutely genius breakdown of the Cat Personality Types is so accurate, it’ll instantly help you get your cat better. Just observe your cats, assign them a personality, and suddenly everything makes perfect sense!

Way Of Cats also focuses on myth-busting to address the doubts people often have about shelter cats. It teaches us that often, the cats themselves give us the answers we’re looking for. They’re not misbehaving. They’re simply trying to tell us something.

Rescue Always Works Both Ways

Not only do these 15 popular cat blogs change the lives of thousands of animals and their humans.

But they also answer one of the most googled cat questions of all time:

“How do I know my cat loves me?”

Sure, the feline unpredictability and confidence do make living with them a bit of a puzzle. Sometimes it’s fun, sometimes not so much. But the truth is in every story on every single one of the 15 blogs. 

Cats do love their humans. They appreciate us and they love the VIP lives they get to enjoy alongside us.

In return, cats are proven to provide comfort and emotional support to humans in tough times. It’s like karma. People are often unsure who rescued who, in the end.

It’s the reason why animal rescue has become so widely embraced. As it turns out, there is a perfect match for everyone.

Will you find yours?

Help spread more love for shelter animals — Tell us your own rescue story ❤

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