Collar Activated Cat Feeder – Best 5 Picks

In a world where technology is transforming every aspect of our lives, it’s no surprise that even feeding our feline friends has undergone a revolution. Enter the era of collar activated cat feeders, a remarkable innovation that brings precision, convenience, and health benefits to the world of cat care.

Definition of Collar Activated Cat Feeder

Collar activated cat feeders are automated pet feeding systems designed to work in tandem with a cat’s collar. These feeders employ sensor technology to identify the cat wearing the designated collar, allowing for precise portion control and scheduled feeding.

Importance of Automated Cat Feeders

The days of manual feeding are gradually fading as pet owners seek solutions that align with their busy lifestyles. Collar activated cat feeders offer a hands-free approach to ensure our feline companions receive timely and accurate meals.

Evolution of Cat Feeding Technology

From basic bowl dispensers to sophisticated smart feeders, the evolution of cat feeding technology has been fueled by a growing awareness of feline nutrition and the need for personalized feeding solutions.

5 Best Cat Feeder with Collar

1.Sure Petcare Microchip Cat Feeder

collar activated cat feeder

  • Reduces food theft and stress at mealtimes in multi-pet families, keeps your pets healthy by controlling portion sizes and helps with weight management, and saves money by not overfeeding pricey prescription meals.
  • Ideal for pets on a prescription diet. Holds 13.5 fluid ounces of wet or dry cat chow. The lid closes to make a seal with the neoprene lip, retaining moisture and keeping food fresh for longer.
  • Supports nine (Avid Secure), ten (FDXA), and fifteen (FDXB) digit microchip numbers. This collar activated Cat Feeder opens when the designated pet microchip ID approaches and closes when it departs.
  • The Microchip Pet Feeder makes feeding times more easier! It connects with the feeder via the pet’s Microchip ID or a lightweight RFID collar tag to open it for that specific pet. All feeds include one tag (the device may contain 32 IDs).

2.PortionPro Rx RFID Cat Feeder

collar activated cat feeder 2

  • Control portions to prevent or reverse pet obesity; reduce food theft and mealtime turmoil; save money by not overfeeding; avoid costly vet costs for health issues connected with overweight/obese pets; and truly manage a pet on a prescription diet.
  • Each feeder can be programmed to measure and serve the appropriate portions for the designated pet.
  • In multi-pet households, the patented RFID Collar Tag system limits access to food for an assigned pet. The feeder recognizes the Patented Tag Technology (PFC) at about 2 feet. Our tags outperform microchips in terms of range and recognition accuracy.
  • Our NEW tag design includes an easily replaceable battery and a NEW Zip-Tie collar mount! Significantly improved water resistance thanks to a new silicone O-ring seal and enclosure sealing. The weight of the tag is roughly 0.65 ounce.
  • The food bin holds 32 cups of DRY kibble and may part out feedings as small as 1/2 cup per day to as large as 6 cups per day; the feeder automatically splits the daily quantity into 2, 4, or 6 meals for cats.
  • The daily food intake can be adjusted in 1/8-cup increments from 1/2 cup to 3 cups and ΒΌ-cup increments from 3 cups to 6 cups.
  • The PortionProRx is intended for use with dry foods that are not irregularly shaped.
  • What’s included? 1 PortionProRx Feeder, 1 RFID Tag (replaceable battery), Power Supply, Food Bin and Lid, Ceramic Food Bowl, and Food Belt.

3.FurBabyFeeder Microchip Cat Feeder

collar activated cat feeder 7

  • FurBabyFeeder is releasing a new RFID Microchip feeding station for cats. This cat food dispenser is capable of recognizing certain pets and allowing them to get the food.
  • LCD Display The menu is simple to use. Forgot which pets have access? Simply utilize the factory reset feature to reset the feeder. RFID tags will need to be registered to the feeder again.
  • The writable tag function can assist keep greedy pets from growing overweight and enable the feeding access to the correct pet via the RFID tag.
  • The automatic collar activated cat feeder is composed of food-grade ABS materials, a PP bowl, and a PC top. It is safe for both humans and pets. When utilizing the feeder, the preferred and best option is to power it via USB.
  • This feeder is only compatible with the accompanying RFID tags and does not operate with your pet’s internal chip. Save up to 32 pet IDs. This unit does not include timer functionality.

4.MiBowl Automatic Microchip Cat Feeder

collar activated cat feeder 5

  • MiBowl immediately recognizes your pet’s ISO or AVID 15-digit microchip, providing unique access to their next meal.
  • Perfect automatic feeder to regulate food consumption and monitor pets with separate diets. For more control over your pet’s eating patterns, choose the App Enabled MiBowl+.
  • Feeding Bowl is BPA and Phthalate-free, dishwasher-safe, and simple to clean.
  • A covered dish may keep up to 340g (12oz) (four pouches) of wet or dry food fresher for longer.
  • Suitable for non-microchipped pets with the supplied Pet Mate I.D. Disc.
  • Large food bowl is removable, dishwasher safe, and carries enough food for almost any size cat.
  • 6 months of battery life

5. PETLIBRO RFID Automatic Cat Feeder

Collar Activated Cat Feeder (3)

  • The PETLIBRO One RFID automatic cat feeder ensures that each pet in a multi-pet home has access to its own individual feeder.
  • The PETLIBRO collar activated cat feeder with collar sensor, which is supported by Pawsense on the app, creates insightful data reports by tracking your pet’s feeding times and frequency, giving you a complete picture of their eating habits.
  • The PETLIBRO app allows you to establish or adjust various feeding schedules at your leisure, providing stability and balance to your pet’s mealtimes. The manual feeding option also allows you to give your pet an extra incentive at any time.
  • The food bowl lid speed of the PETLIBRO Wi-Fi timed cat feeder can be set to one of three modes, allowing your kitty to swiftly adapt to the feeder based on their needs. Furthermore, the lid’s closing duration may be adjusted, allowing the lid to close within 1-10 seconds of the pet walking away.
  • The PETLIBRO smart cat feeder’s sealed top, which has silicone strips around the edges, efficiently keeps air out of the food tank. When used with the included desiccant bag, the kibble in the food tank is adequately protected, ensuring that your pet receives the freshest possible food.

EXTRA Choice

A best budget automatic cat feeder under 100$ and with a camera and all-in-one access.

6.Automatic Cat Feeders with Camera

collar activated cat feeder 7

  • With your iOS or Android phone (5GHz or 2.4GHz WiFi optional), you can simply feed and monitor your pet from anywhere at any time. Automatic cat feeders support personalized meal calling and feeding patterns, enabling for a reasonable, healthy diet and meal times.
  • Automatic cat feeders with cameras allow you to clearly monitor how your pets consume kibble at any time using HD 1080P images. Nighttime visuals are also clear.
  • The pet feeder with camera features a desiccant bag, solid cover, and stainless steel bowl to keep your pet’s food fresh, safe, and hygienic.
  • The cat automatic feeders are powered by 3*D batteries as a backup. Automatic cat feeder with camera and built-in memory function, including a spare battery, allows for feeding at predetermined times even after a power outage, guaranteeing your pet is fed.
  • Automatic pet feeder with a 4.5L container capacity that can meet your pet’s nutritional requirements for several days, appropriate for small, medium, and large pets. In addition, a tailored meal voice of up to 20 seconds can be recorded for the cat feeder using the camera.
  • Yakry offers lifelong technical support, 2-year replacement service, and a 30-day money-back guarantee for each indoor cat food dispenser.

How Collar Activated Cat Feeders Work

Sensor Technology

The key to the functionality of these feeders lies in advanced sensor technology. These sensors can identify the unique signals emitted by the collar, ensuring that only the designated cat has access to the food dispenser.

Communication with Cat’s Collar

The communication between the feeder and the cat’s collar is seamless, utilizing wireless technology to transmit signals. This ensures that the feeder responds promptly to the cat’s presence, dispensing the right amount of food with each visit.

Precision in Portion Control

One of the standout features of collar activated cat feeders is their ability to provide precise portion control. This is particularly beneficial for weight management and preventing overeating, common concerns among cat owners.

Benefits of Using Collar Activated Cat Feeders

Weight Management for Cats

Obesity in cats is a growing concern, and collar activated feeders offer a practical solution by allowing owners to regulate the cat’s food intake. This aids in maintaining a healthy weight and preventing related health issues.

Regulating Multiple Cat Households

For households with multiple cats, ensuring each feline gets the right amount of food can be challenging. Collar activated cat feeder address this by personalizing each cat’s feeding schedule, reducing the risk of one cat dominating the food bowl.

Minimizing Food Aggression

Some cats exhibit food aggression, especially in multi-pet homes. The controlled access provided by collar activated feeders minimizes such behavior, promoting a harmonious feeding environment.

Setting Up Your Collar Activated Cat Feeder

Proper Collar Fitting

Before diving into the world of automated feeding, it’s essential to ensure the cat’s collar fits properly. A snug yet comfortable fit prevents the collar from becoming a source of discomfort or irritation for the feline.

Programming Feeding Schedule

The programming phase is where owners tailor the feeder to their cat’s unique needs. Setting specific feeding times and portion sizes guarantees a consistent and controlled diet for the cat.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Even the most advanced technology may encounter glitches. Providing cat owners with troubleshooting tips for common issues like sensor malfunctions or connectivity problems ensures a smooth user experience.


Collar activated cat feeders are not just a convenience; they are a transformative solution for cat owners seeking better control over their pets’ nutrition. The benefits, ranging from weight management to harmonious multi-cat households, underscore their significance in modern pet care.

In concluding, it’s crucial to emphasize the dual advantage of convenience and cat wellness that collar activated feeders bring to the table. This technology empowers owners to prioritize their cats’ health without compromising on their own busy lifestyles.

As we bid farewell to traditional feeding methods, encouraging pet owners to embrace technology for the well-being of their feline companions becomes a rallying call. The era of collar activated cat feeders signifies a positive shift in how we care for and nurture our cats.


Are collar activated cat feeders safe for all cat breeds?

Yes, collar activated cat feeders are made with all cat breeds’ safety in mind. However, it is critical to follow good fitting standards and initially watch your cat.

Can multiple cats share the same collar activated feeder?

While it is technically conceivable, it is recommended that each cat have its own feeder to ensure personalized feeding regimens and avoid any disputes.

Do collar activated feeders work with all types of cat collars?

The majority of collar actuated feeders are made to work with a range of cat collars. It is, nevertheless, recommended that you examine the product specs to assure compatibility.

How often should I clean the collar activated cat feeder?

Cleaning on a regular basis is essential for maintaining hygiene. Cleaning frequency is determined on the feeder’s design, however a weekly cleaning program is recommended.

What should I do if the collar activated feeder malfunctions?

Consult the troubleshooting handbook supplied by the manufacturer. If the problem persists, contact customer service for assistance.

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